Sunday, January 22, 2012

If you only knew!

I've just picked my self off the nastiest floor from the crazies mistake I've made in the past two years. It's so nasty I'm still spitting from the taste. I sure did bite in as if it was food to be eaten but it wasn't even food. I'm still blurred from all that darkness as to what it is I actually put in my mouth. Though I do know I don't want to even kind of do that again. We all make mistakes! It's not the mistake or you questioning your judgement that you should think about but you should focus on what happens next. What happened after the mistake. How did you react? How did you process it? What did you do next? All this is far more important than the actual mistake. Why? Cause it's what keeps you from repeating the mistake over and over again. It's what tells your subconscious that yes, that was something not to repeat. In some cases we leave the wrong imprint in our minds and think instead that we can repeat it if some aspects are different. Let me tell you what you have or are refusing to learn. A Cycle! Cycles are situations you are consciously and subconsciously refusing to learn from. So do you and everyone else who is being effected by your stubbornness a favor and learn! You are not a dog and yes you can learn new tricks.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

No! Don't Leave, you are where you need to be.

 Some times in life a place begins to resemble a dead end or a place people go to die(or ideas). When you find that your life seems stagnant even if it's just in one area stop. Be quiet(Be still). Why,  because you are distracted from what is right in front of you. This thing, key, access door, idea, vision is in plain sight but requires you to see, understand, or learn of it's presence.  How can you do this if you aren't teachable, open minded, or even focused. Don't let all the things you have found yourself trapped in, responsible for, required to do, obligated to assist, or just plain involved in to take you off your true target- YOUR LIFE! The opportunity is already there-where you are now. It takes clearing your mind, a new wine skin for a new wine cause if you use the old wine skin for the new wine it will burst and you will be crying over spilled wine. Everyday you are given an opportunity to look at everything around you differently. Do you? Do you check to see all the views of your life to get the best possible angle. It's like taking a picture of  a door frame. In one angle you can see the hinges in another you can see the inside of the frame. Don't run from where you find yourself in life but instead learn how to truly understand where you are from different vantage point. Cause I guarantee you missed something, something that has been there all along waiting for you to discover it. Please see it cause it could be something that changes all our lives or even just yours. People who saw it Bill Gates, Margret Thatcher, Mother Teresa, and some day soon you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bitter Sweet.

What do you want? In life you'll ask yourself this question often and other people will ask you this question too. The thing with life is each situation will be different have a different outcome or pressure unique to the surrounding circumstances.  You'll find that you not just question yourself, you make sure. One of the things that make this question a bummer question is when you, at the time the question pops up, don't know the answer. If you've seen the twix advert that promotes you stuffing your mouth with a twix to avoid the need to answer immediately or muffle an unrecognizable response. Then you've definitely thought of other ways to get that result without irritating the person on the receiving end of the behavior. The real truth is not knowing what you want can put you in an awkward situation, a sort of waiting game. Waiting to see if something will just help you to instantly know what you want. How do you figure out what you want? What helps you to decided ? Do your rules and way of handling the situation change with every time you're faced with decisions. The bitter truth of life is we will always doubt ourselves. But the sweet truth is through doubt we can find truth. Hit or miss any choice is always better than no choice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paying attention to your body.

Sometimes your body temperature rises or you just can't keep warm. Constantly hot or cold. A twing here or  there with a little back spasm to add to it. All these are cries from a body that lacks care. Be it a health freak or a coach potatoes when it comes to your body you will rue the day it decides to protest against you. Being that our bodies are a delicate modern marvel we should be more respective of them. Even better said would be take care of it while you can before the small pain becomes sever pain. Before the temperature becomes a flu. Before what was just your body saying be a little more careful with me become, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!!!  So get that motivation to make it to the gym, go for that walk, or just park a little further from the store and carry your groceries instead of using a cart when its just a few item. It's harder to fix a broken body than maintain one that isn't yet a right off.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Courting Life

All things are fun and exciting in the getting to know stage of things. When you're still curious and everything is new. You are amazed by even the smallest things and nothing is yet enough or often enough to irritate you yet. I call it the false beauty. Why? Cause it's easy to over look the imperfections of things when you are in this stage. You gloss over annoying moments and events. After watching 'We are Family' a Bollywood movie I came to feel more appreciation for being content with the moments one is given. Being so lost in what isn't there is a common mistake everyone makes at some stage of their life. Being able to be content with what you are afforded in life isn't always easy. A mother who after a fresh divorce with a husband she still loves but understands won't work discovers she has pelvic cancer after meeting the husbands new love. She then embarks on her struggle with her impending loss of life while welcoming even beginning the process of this woman replacing her in what was once her family. Why wait til you are near death or what ever you are waiting for, when this is a moment. Just like any other moment that you will experience in life. The thing is moments are priceless and should be enjoyed cause you can't recreate them or get them back. So don't forget to be willing to get caught in the hype even if it seems foolish. Just remember to be responsible cause the real truth is what happens in Vegas doesn't stay there it stays in your memories. Don't put things in your memory you don't want to relive over and over, cause that's what you do when you get old.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The condition of the Human Being

So here I am watching the most realistically painful emotional movie I think I've ever watched and constantly contemplating if I should just stop watching. Due to the level of pain being witnessed and the level of emotion I'm experiencing just watching. The movie I'm referring to is called 'Aftershock', released in 2010 by director Xiaogang Feng is based on a very real devastating earthquake that shakes a Chinese city in a way that leaves invisible and some visible scars. The worst kind of scars are the ones we bear on our hearts. The ones people don't see coming or don't even know exists til they stubble on them. The problem with these types of scars is not the scaring but the behaviors that results. In this movie a mother has to chose between her twin boy and daughter who should live. In her struggle to decide she almost looses the chance to save either. Then she essentially loses the one child she didn't choose who ends up living long after the mother has gone in search of aide for the child she did choose. Only the child she didn't choose is unable to forgive her mothers choice and for 32years never goes back or even wants to look back. There are more scenes in this movie even more emotional and thought provoking. What I did take away from the movie is simply you can not know loss until you've experienced it but even more important we are limited by our thoughts.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix

I'm not typically one for movies that appear to be sad or overly heavy sad emotional type movies. Though today I needed something with substance, something that would feed, or give me something I needed. I once read a book which described how these Israelite men and women would go to the movies just so they could cry. Some would start as soon as the movie began others would wait till the sadness of the movie triggered them to cry. Today I learned just how important it is to let yourself feel the full force of an emotion. Holding on to pain, anger, or just the anxiety of not knowing can be even more devastating than letting yourself feel the emotion. I chose the movie 'Aftershock' to assist me with unwrapping, a digging deeper. Since it had become obvious to even me that I needed to feel my emotions in their true form. I, like many other people, or maybe even you, was becoming overwhelmed by the emotions that were over taking my life.  As we all do from time to time.  Only sometimes the build up gets to be so much there is no way to release without a breakdown, melt down, or worse.......insanity. After having witnessed such, not personally but from a close distance, I know to say don't wait til you are at your last wits end to release what ever it is that is or has build up in you. Take time or force yourself to be free of stress or things that are the cause of your stress.