Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Growth Plan (Success Plan)

The John Maxwell Company:

'via Blog this'
So my friend sent me the link to this page and as I read it. Something stood out over the rest, it was, 'Have a personal growth plan'. I mean I think about how I could be, should be, and am better. Though I've never actually thought of an actual concrete plan or written it down. This got me thinking and hoping I could give someone else a light bulb moment who is where I am, hasn't even gotten to this idea, or has but didn't realize it's implications in the idea of leadership. We are all leaders at one point in time or all the time and if we aren't we are followers. Though which ever you are and no matter what stage of it you're in there is still room for growth aka- improvement. Just like when you own a home there is constant need to keep it up or improve it to improve it's value or even to maintain it's value. The fact is we all need constant up keep to maintain or get better. How do you intend to do this, when, and how often will you take steps to improve, grow, or be better. Yep you need a plan for how you intend and will want to grow (improve upon yourself), cause a man (woman) with a plan (map) has a destination (success).