Sunday, July 31, 2011

My life is going as planned It's on track.

Do you ever look at your life and think is this how everything is meant to be.  That even the mistakes are really meant to happen that way too.  That everything is perfectly on time and as it was meant, intended to be.  I think sometimes we focus too much on what our lives should look like.  The truth is we really don't know we just have feelings and inclinations that hint at things or directions.  Though nothing is set in stone and things may or may not be changeable.  I think I realized  that whether we can or can't change our paths in life, we can and do make choices.  So if we promise ourselves to just make sure to try for the best choice that that is all we really can hope for.  For the ability to predict an outcome will never be totally up to anyone person.  Though what always will be in your power is the ability to make a good or the best possible choice.  Chose wisely! LOL!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Part of loving Someone is your willingness to let them in.

Like an egg has separate parts that are all individually walled off from each other so can our ability to love be.  The only problem is true love is not built up of walls so delicately separated.  I know that love is patient and kind.  Love is not just giving but being able to receive.  If we become separate states clearly divided either from others or just ourselves then how can we receive.  People always talk about giving yourself but how many realize  that the two way street is receiving.  You give to get but if you don't get you can't keep giving.  A lot of people keep a situation going even when they aren't receiving- Why!  Then some of us just run to avoid receiving- Why! If you can't love yourself enough to honestly allow yourself to be treasured then be willing to sop lying.  Do everyone a favor and step away long enough to care- care about you.  You can't give or receive properly if you don't love you or even recognize when you're not loving you.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

Self concious

Looking too closely we tend to see the rough edges and the imperfections.  If we truly were perfect we would never need to think twice about a decision. Giving something a second thought only means you thought it might  not be right.  Thinking that something might not be right means it can be wrong.  Are we meant to be right all the time every time. Many of us want to be right as much as possible but what do we really gain from being right.  Being wrong doesn't make you a fool it just means you are not aware.  Correction is simply pointing out what is wrong with something.  I used to live on the concept that Ignorance was Bliss.  I have since given up this false notion and now understand why thing are better when paired up with truth rather than our egotistical desires to be right more so than not.  Will you lose you for being wrong.  Will being wrong do anything than maybe hurt your pride.  Is your total sum, your true value, worth only your pride.  Let it go and let it flow.  It takes but a moment to let yourself register your wrong and keep it moving.  Though when we hold on to the wrong we actually hurt more and it takes more to actually just except or even see ourselves as being a little wrong.  Why fill your hand with dirt when you could have something more unsubstantial the truth. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Turmeric- Discovery

Looking down the rack of spices I'm thinking pick pick pick.  I selected a spice with a vaguely familiar name but no recollection of scent nor taste.  In the mist of my living room the scent takes me.  Discovery is a beautiful thing when we are brave enough to give it a shot. Sometimes we get into habits and the thought of a bad taste inhibits us.  The truth is a bad taste or scent doesn't last forever.  There is no harm in breaking a routine even if it's just a temporary break.  Who knows the taste or experience might be the best thing that you just can't stop talking about.  They say intelligent people are willing to try new things.  It's also been proven that Millionaires are mostly people who were willing to take risks.  Here's to Discovery! Cheers!!!