Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Dream of how I think things should be.

Experience teaches us what we just don't KNOW!!!'- Soki Emmanuel Dokubo
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If any of us knew everything then ooh wee, we'd be King in the Land of the One eyed blind. Just simply saying it would be the golden key of all keys.

Your story is your experience and what it holds is great. The stories of people become history. The secrets to ones success is in your story.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Dreamer vs. The Realist

Now don't get me wrong I'm definitely not one to condone the absence of dreaming or being a dreamer. It's just someone I know well kept accusing me of being a Dreamer. I at the time assumed it to be an insult.

In life you have to dream to get somewhere. The idea usually comes before the act. Dreaming is the idea of what could be that is essential to feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes hand in hand with having achieved a goal (a.k.a success).

Now as nice as all of that is, the truth is, 'actions speak louder than words'. So a dream without action = dead hope. Also known as the field of dreams, where dreams go to die. If you never act on or follow through on an idea it will always be just that, a dream. A dreamer is someone who only dreams. When you act on your dreams the realities of your limitations and true situation become clear then guess who just found reality.

Now none of these is new ( at least to me). What has been changing but recently became clear to me is the massive importance of slow and many actions versus rigidly sticking to the vision.  No doubt the goal is to accomplish the vision ( the Grand Puba- aka The Big Idea- your Dream). Though if you've never succeeded or haven't even started yet don't hurt yourself, just know that you have to start taking step. The speed is never the point. Just that you are moving and looking for holes or ways to sidestep walls you find in the way.

The part where reality vs. the Dream comes to play is when you are so focused on the dream you aren't seeing that you are limiting your progress and closing the door to opportunities that are advantageous and beneficial. What haven't you done or what aren't you doing to make it happen. What could you be doing that you aren't. Gut wrenching and honest assessment the use of which is the difference between Dreamer and Realist. Though a gut wrenching that wasn't implemented still makes for a Dreamer(me).