Thursday, October 27, 2011

People.....are...will be....are capable of.....can be

People are, will be, are capable of, and can be many things. What is the thing or things that you are, will be, are capable of, and can be. There is always the desire to be something. Something is your mind's visual view of what you are wishing for yourself. In a world where people are realizing that job satisfaction more and more doesn't come from a 9-5.  More and more people find satisfaction in unorthodox avenues. Often realizing that they can make their mind's visual image into a livable reality.  Sometimes you still want a job at a 9-5 but not your mom and dad's company but at a flexible start time, more vacation time, work hours that don't often add up to 8hr but pay the same. All these began as ideas. Ideas are the birth of and are the solution to transitioning from visual to reality.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sometimes we hold things so close there's no room for air. This is unhealthy for the simple fact that when things don't go the way you want or imagined, the pain has no room but to hit you directly. In Chicago there were many major fires that wiped out large sections of the city. How did they finally get the fires to stop. They required buildings to have space between each other. When you hold on tightly to things there's no room for give and take. Suspension bridges were once built with the most sturdy and rigid materials man could make but they found that these bridges would still give way under real stress. Then some guy came up with the rubber band theory or idea.  This in simple terms is the idea of give and take, Aka room. Giving room to the materials of the bridge to stretch and move as they needed made the bridge sturdier. I once  read a book called, Nectar In A Sieve and the major point of the story was this line, 'bend so you don't break'.