Friday, November 30, 2012


To not take something the way it was intended to be taken is the essence of a mistake. Making a mistake is therefor not getting it right.  That's the real problem, thinking that it was wrong, or just expecting that you will get things right 100% of the time. That would make us perfect. I know I'm wonderfully made but I think even God isn't expecting me to be perfect. So why am I or others expecting this of me. Our Great Expectations and Lofty Hopes for ourselves and others can only lead to disappointment. I'm not saying don't expect or hope but be willing to understand that forgiveness of yourself or others should not be something that is a rare occurrence.  Much like a harvest moon is not the constant look of a full moon and requires conditions before it even happens. Life is give and take and this is not limited to others but it includes you. You have the right to make mistakes. It's a God given right or freedom which you should be enjoying. So when next you totally miss the mark think- 'Thank God I'm capable of making a mistake!'. When I started this piece I though oh I should write about how we should learn from our mistakes but then I realized we should first learn how to except that we can, should, will, and do make mistakes. Either all the time or from time to time we all will make several mistakes. So next time you do appreciate  that you can.