Monday, November 30, 2015

mutual submission

I have and it was both beautiful and painful to see. It taught me that I need to let go of my arrogance and helped me to see the necessity of submission and the role it plays in a married couple's interactions with one another. It was like watching two people come upon a narrow door and knowing they both couldn't fit decided which should go first, without arguing. It was so smooth the only thing that hinted as to what took place was their eyes as they gave way to the other to go through the door. The one who entered first didn't bear pride but a look instead of appreciation. While the one who waited, did so patiently and with contentment, quickly following the spouse as they cleared the narrow door.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Warning; strictly for those who want to be a God.

I'm not one to write a religious post but God is irking me and I feel I should pen this down so I can be held accountable or even chastised if needed. 

I don't want to find myself trying to be a God(This post was inspired by a line MI Abaga used in this song, made me refect),  when what I truly seek is claiming and ownership of a God-given title, Saint. One I didn't earn but received  simply because I claim him(Jesus) as my Lord and savior and keep because I realize he is a choice that I choose daily. Knowing him doesn't end with choosing him, it's a daily experience of choices I make based on where my focus lies. If my focus shifts so do my choices and my direction. Claiming a title doesn't end there. It must be defended daily by my choices if I seek to keep it. 
One doesn't fall off a ledge instantly. There is the knowledge that you are traveling down a road and there is the possibility of missing the road. Even when you get to the edge you know you still have seconds of  awareness that you are about to fall, even as you fall you still have options of  how you fall, and depending on how much falling you have and what you are falling into. With so many ledges and so many options for endings I only wonder as to what good can come from having gone over one. But before venturing how sure are you that it is a quest to follow after, much like wind chasing.
I don't want to be a God for there is but one God and that is certainly not me. For I choose to follow his(Christ's) example as I follow him( Jesus) down the ladder ( the one we all use to define success in this world). Where do you stand and what are you falling for. 
 For it is his( Jesus Christ's) opinion I care for and his approval I seek.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Do you know who you are and what you stand for? Do you know what you are capable of and how far you will go?

What is your identity? Who are you and what makes you, you. Human beings can be very complex creature but even the most complicated of us is unique and one of a kind. Even though we all have things that tie us together and make us part of a whole, we are intended to fit certain holes uniquely, niched intended just for us.
Where do you fit and why? Do you fit there because you say so or others have pronounced this as your niche? What talents and skills define you and have you at hello. 
What do you do with your niche? What does your niche do for you?

Yes these are many questions. I felt I always knew my niche. Until one sunday afternoon when Steve Carter said a simple statement that has lead to my need to define where, what, and how I niche in.(During his sermon Nov.8th 2015 he refers to Bill Hybels knowlege of his gifts and how Bill says what they are and uses this knowledge to respond to opportunities presented to him)  So now I'm asking others. The power of knowing where and how you fit solves and answers many questions.
There is this unique situation that comes of you knowing were you fit. You will not say yes to things you have no business dabbling in when you know that is not your niche. Define yourself so you fit and fufill your part of a whole. Be the gift you were created to be, identify yourself.