Sunday, June 14, 2015

Man's expectation vs. a woman's plight.

So I finally found the words to say regarding the old age tradition or idea that a wife's duty is slave laborer to her husband (Breathe and come with a real and open mind. This isn't a rant and rave. I am not saying or encouraging a woman to not serve her husband, I am simply asking that men not be asses because a woman is serving them. Read on for full understanding)

To my future husband,

I hope to have a relationship with you that breeds understanding.  That there is understanding that the relationship's success depends on yours willingness to insure that your wife is not only happy but gets help when and where she needs it. Why? Because loving her also means caring about her needs and the needs of the family (Us and our children). Whether it be by assisting with chores or helping with the cooking. It should be understood that no man or woman should have to struggle alone or suffer while the other sits back and reaps the hard work or rewards of the other without ever playing a part. In no world is that fair. So I ask that you look past selfish and male dominant chauvinistic traditions and you get real, by showing me that you love and care for me, my health, and my welfare by being my partner in every sense of the word in a real and tangible manner. Going above and beyond the basics and taking part in every aspect of our lives. Please note I expect no less of myself and appreciate every sincere effort you make.


Your Love


I know that even though I have asked for these things I know you will still make your own decisions and be you. I only hope that you love and understand me enough to be considerate. Knowing that you have the keys to the success and happiness of our marriage. Please remember that though you are in charge it doesn't mean you should neglect my wishes or disregard my needs no matter what you think of them. Also please remember, I love you.