Friday, November 25, 2011

Important. Not!

What's really important? I recently had a chat with a friend and the conversation took an interesting twist. We agreed that in life the things you think are important and you stress over eventually turn out to have been for naught. Worrying and anxiously fretting about things we later wonder why we even bothered to think or stress over. What you think is important now is usually not what is really important later. I'm saying we sometimes get too focused on things and lose the real things. In life the best thing is love but we will focus on everything but it. Forgetting to take time for ourselves or to spend time with others. Instead we focus on what the person we spent time with wore and how embarrassed we felt being with them instead of focusing on the time we were able to spend together. Some people get a reality check as to what's really important when that person or other people around them die. Sometimes it takes a near death experience but all the same one needs to snap out of it. Either way we need to remember that life is what you make it. If your focus is on stuff that doesn't matter than you're living a life without substance. Unless you're a manikin I don't think this is a healthy way to live. Plug in to life and what it really has to offer you. You might just discover there's more to life than superficial exsistantce. Plus it's fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clear Mind

Don't deny yourself the truth. Running from a solution will never lead you to the solution. Though honestly putting things in a prioritized manner will rid you of chaos and bring you towards an orderly solution. When you look at a pile of unsorted laundry most people don't jump for joy they typically dread or procrastinate the sorting of it. Though it is much easier to do laundry after the laundry is sorted. When you move into a new place, if your things are pre-sorted putting them away and setting up requires less work. Sort the problems and issues in your life so the truth can be easily picked out of the pile. Thereby rendering you free of chaos. Happy sorting!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Knowing what you want.

I once believed that ignorance is bliss and even attempted to live life as an adult with this idea. The thing with not knowing is you leave yourself blindsided. The one thing that is certain in life is there are options, choices, and decisions to be made. Knowing what you want provides you with a road map.---At this point someone is saying I know what I want but I still don't know which choice(s) is best for me. I respond to this with a resounding no you don't know with a definitive action plan what it is you want. Yes I've been you but with kicking, screaming, and even blatant refusal I claimed to know what I want but struggled with decision making. Why? In my case it was fear of failure what's your excuse? If you know what you want and are certain of it there are actions you will take and a road map in which you will follow. These actions or map(s) you will create or have adapted from someone else (A trail blazer you admire or believe had the right idea). When you decide to go from home (wherever that is) to the grocery store, school, work, a restaurant, your parents house or just somewhere you go often, you either use a map someone else supplies (GPS, Google maps, or another person provides) or you mentally road map your destination. The point I'm making is that when you decide to go somewhere you make a plan mentally or given. So if you know what you want in life why not make a plan or use one you trust. If you're going somewhere you've never been to ensure you get there and in a timely manner you check your map whether mentally or against an existing map (fps, actual map, or MapQuest). Why not do the same with your life road map(s). This will ensure you get where you want to be and in a timely fashion. (Either for short term goals, long term goals, or just one for the whole journey- you decided, but make sure to decide.) Now imagine teaching this to a child and having them do this from the earliest moments of life.
 Order---->the key to a well lived life.
 As much as I believe in being spontaneous I've truly come to see the power of accomplished order (After 30 years of fighting against).

Friday, November 11, 2011


Oh those sweet silver foil rapped morsels of sweetness. Do you feel that sometimes to get to the good stuff- the kiss- you need to get rid of the foil. There is always something that preceeds a grand finally. A process of sorts that takes place before you get the reward.  The things is we naturally just want the reward no work, no precursor  nothing but net all the time every time. Even the basket ball star who is always on point had several un-noted not on point moments to get there. I think that if we psych ourselves enough with the thought of the impending sweet reward the difficult times can be more bearable. Though the work may be hard the reward is sweet. 

For the love

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.'- Alfred, Lord Tennyson This is never an easy thing for the person who has just lost ( either in death or their choosing to end a relationship) the loved one.  If the loss was to death it can never physically be undone but it never keeps the person from trying to recover that love. Something people will try to do if they are still alive. The truth really is if you love someone you should be able to let them go. The saying dose say if they return then they are yours but what if they go and come back about three times.  I say let them go. Holding on or keeping people doesn't guarantee you have them or makes them stay, it just makes you miserable and leaves you feeling helpless. Trust that you have value and know it well enough to not allow their leaving to diminish you. You didn't leave. You should always remember that as long as you are being the best you can be that's all anyone can ask of you. Knowing that if they stayed when they shouldn't have it wouldn't keep the love it would bread something even you wouldn't recognize and would probably regret in the end. Letting things run natural courses and focusing where you should will help to soften the blow. The good memories are what it was all about, love.