Monday, January 18, 2016

Be Better not Bitter

Today I woke to a series of events that most people would end up giving up on that day or consider dubbing it a bad day. I live an unusual life that comes with above average sized challenges and issues. For me I have learned to not dwell on what's not but what is. What is still possible or doable. Sometimes I have to do a total mind shift or think way outside the box. Sometimes even that and several plans after fail, then out of the burned ash of that comes the glory of it all. The solution to all that went wrong or just a jem that makes for a valuable trophy(badge of honor, proof that you survived). Life can often easily overwhelm or get out of control(as we imagine it). To keep a garden well kept it requires constant upkeep. The irony is the wrong pest and even a well manicured garden becomes well arranged dead plants. This doesn't mean the garden is lost for ever, it just needs work. Such is life, so keep keeping, you're not dead yet.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm a mess

I am a mess. My life is messy and even my personality is messy, in that I don't fit into any norms. I just don't follow the lines that outline the way to live. I don't want to drive a flashy car, but if you asked me the car I think of as beauty (Arousal status), I would say an Audi A4. Yet the idea of coveting is not one I would even want to lean on. I have learned something so profound I just feel the need to share. It's simple! I have learned that even at my messiest life moments that beautiful things happen and if you are too busy feeling bad about being a mess you won't even appreciate, notice, or take the moment to enjoy them. For what is a life worth living that doesn't even enjoy the enjoyable moments. 

Even at times when others would consider your life a mess if you remember to not focus on the negative, you will actually notice that amazing things happen to people in messy situations.