Thursday, April 28, 2011

No No It's all Wrong!

Get the feeling that a day just sucks or isn't going your way.  Think again. The outcome of a day is based on your out look or simply what your thinking.  This might be familiar or not.  If you ever want to test your self try this.  A day you find that everything seems to be totally off just stop yourself for 30 seconds after discovering it.  In these thirty seconds redirect your mind to focus not on how you intended the day to go but instead start looking for cues as to where the day is taking you.  Be willing to be lead.  The things we learn when we aren't so focused on what we already know are priceless.  Look around and take the day in despite what you might be declaring as failure but instead look beyond.  What did go right and even deeper what do you now appreciate more than you did before.  Every day of your life has a purpose even if you don't have one for it.  Happy discoveries to those willing to give it a shot and to those who don't chalk it up as another sucky day since you enjoy having them, Cheers!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tired are you?

Tired why wait...grab a .... the add that I love dearly but know in the end that being tired means something that needs me to do more than eat or take an energy drink.  For four years I worked more than very hard.  You could say I became a workaholic. There are more medical and actual reasons why we should not live in endless exhaustion.  Living a life in exhaustion can be thought of, when we look at it for what it is, as self mutilation.  Why such a harsh statement.  If you knowingly continue to hurt yourself in a way that leaves scares and damages your body you are self mutilating.  All things that exhaustion over a prolonged period of life will do.  The irony is it doesn't need to even be years to be harmful.  Some of you are thinking am I a candidate or someone I know, and if you live in America I'm sure you can point out someone who is.  Though overworking one's self has no limitations or restrictions.  My father has always told me that, "too much of anything is bad for you."  As we've all heard life is either a scale or some sort of balancing act in which we have to keep things level.  Like resting and working.  Don't get caught in the hype that exhaustion is something that you can just put aside every time you have a deadline or need more money.  Take the time to look for better solutions to your life that don't cost you your life or that precious money you are working yourself so hard to get.  Just like being a drug addict or any other kind of addiction pushing your body to the limit can become a way of trill seeking.  Maybe your off is the energy drink or even the healthy ways you've learned to regain your energy.  All I'm saying is we were made to sleep and when we don't or don't get enough we hurt ourselves.  It's not even the hurt that is the issue it's what we loose and aren't able to reclaim that is.  What have you lost to either chronic or occasional exhaustion.  Stop life threatening habits before they stop you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Times are hard.

Is there ever a time or year or decade or even a century that there wasn't someone saying times are hard.  The question is where is your focus and what do you really know about hard.  A difficult life is very relative- as in it looks different for different people.  There will always be someone in a worse state than you.  It would be sad if you weren't capable of imagining a better life than the one you have.  This would be equivalent to not having a dream, goals, or a vision for yourself.  You will always be able to envision better and even harder times.  What am I saying.  Stop looking at what you don't have, could have, and would like to have and focus.  Focus on where you realistically are in life. Then you can in a healthy not beating yourself up way assess where and how you want to get to better.  It's having the steps in the right order.  Cause if you just keep looking at the better and never at where you are you are surely going to hit a wall. Before you look ahead on the road look at what you are stepping on or about to step in.  You'll be happier cause then you won't be mentally concerned about what you actually are stepping on cause you will be dealing with it.  Not just sticking it in some far corner of your brain to reek havoc on your senses, setting off warning lights all over your brain.  So focus and don't get distracted by what's up ahead but do look once in a while so you are prepared.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Self Doubt.....

Self doubt the leading cause of unhappy living and unattainable dreams or even simple goals.  People who believe in themselves achieve.  If you don't believe in yourself then who should.  People trust and rely on what others believe in.  So what makes you think that it's not important to believe in yourself.  Why is it OK to believe others but not yourself.  To have the drive and energy to bring forth a dream to life you need to first have faith in yourself to be able to have faith in the dream.  Looking confident is a matter of acting which we all try at one point or another but believing in yourself takes real courage and faith.  The biggest obstacle most people face is trusting that they won't fail or be humiliated.  The irony is the people they are willing to believe in have failed and  been humiliated some where along their way to being successful or someone others look up to. 'Every dream begins with you....'-I think this is even an add.  The thing is if you dreamed it, thought it was great, and told someone who thought it was great as well as everyone else you've told thinks the same.  Then maybe it's time you believe too.  That you and the idea or ideas you come up with have the potential to be great.  Give it a shot what's the worst that could happen at least you can always know your not a failure.  For anyone who puts there best foot forward and honestly tries can be counted as having lived.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patience is a Virtue!

If you don't know it already everyone even patient people could always be more patient.  So, imagine someone who has no patience.  Looking at this person's life you will also discover that they make a lot of impulsive decisions.  The idea of sleeping on a decision is not always a favored one cause for some that is a long unwanted sleepless night.  Though the reality is fools rush in.  This is not just a saying but a truth we often don't want to deal with.  So why behave like a fool and if you need it you'll still want it later.  Then again you might after having been patient notice some things you weren't seeing in you rush.  When you walk past a store window in a rush can you see the details of the accessories the manikin has on. Of course not! Though when you either take the time to revisit the window or walk by patiently you will notice everything in that window.  Many people over the past ten years bought a home that they walked quickly over without looking at all the windows or even the legal documents they were signing.  Now most of them lost those homes, gave them up, or are living everyday wishing they could have the decision to make again.  When there are too many pieces, an area your not familiar with, or just not your specialty seek advise preferably from someone who is not in anyway benefiting from this purchase or choice.  No deal is so good it's worth regretting later and if it's gone your not dead it's just gone.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What are the elements of success?(1)

The basic is starting.  If you don't start then you can't possibly succeed.  If you stop at the start you also can't succeed cause you have stopped.  To be successful at something you have to keep doing it.  Actual success takes continuous effort being placed into the thing you intend to succeed in. To keep putting effort into something takes a lot out of anybody involved.  It's like holding your hand out to hold on to something.  At first it's easy.  After a while your hand starts to hurt, even tingle, then you have to decide to switch hands, change positions, shake it off, stop holding, or take a break.  If you take a break you run the risk of not returning.  Remembering  the pain, you'll ask yourself if it's really worth it.  Plus, you'll be nervous now that you do know the pain involved.  We all know that if you just plum let go that you are done and saying good bye to succeeding at that particular thing.  Though switching hands and shaking it off keep you going it will wear on the nerves in the hand. So what am I saying?  True success comes when we realize that, yes there will be pain and inconveniences, but if we keep going, we'll get there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We all have them. Honestly I think there should be some but when are they an actual problem?  Tonight I joined a friend in a birthday celebration at the Alhambra Palace. A nice spot I might add.  I witnessed a beautiful thing, a place where everyone came to dance. Yes, there was no groping, ogling, or focusing on bodies as sexual objects.  It was strictly about the dancing.  Such beautiful precise and well calculated dancing.  I on the other hand am a naturalist so much so that when one of my dance partners asked one or two step I didn't even know which I had been doing.  I realized when my second dance partner had to take me to the safe safe zone to deconstruct my dancing to basic that I was out of touch.  There is something to say for social interaction that tells us who we are and has no hiding place.  I realized that when we find ourselves retreating from society it's often really us retreating from ourselves.  For in social interactions we are forced to look at ourselves in an unforgiving mirror that won't hold back.  Step out and see what you will discover.  As for me, I'm off to dance lessons.  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Binding humor

I have been surrounded recently with all things marriage. I'm single so imagine my humor in this. Though the real humor I've found came from one small fact. Many of the Christians who are now married at one time or another spoke of binding their mates. Let me clarify. It seems that most Christians once they seem to be faced with an attraction or mind invasion of someone of the opposite sex immediately bind the attraction. They begin praying against it in fear that it was an attack. It isn't till much frustration at the inability to fend the attack that they finally take the time to ask. The act first ask later. This revelation has truly humored me and has helped me to see how easy it is to see things differently. Mind set is powerful, pay attention to yours.