Friday, September 23, 2011

Patience, please.

If we treat others the way we would like to be treated this is still not a gurentee that they will do the same.  It is however simply so you don't become the bad guy.  Think about it. There is always someone around who is difficult to work with and has you watching what falls out your mouth in their presence.  This might be hard to  concieve but sometimes that person who others need to be patient with is you. Foot on the other shoe what is the start to healthy relating it's simply being patient.  We want what we want when we want it. Yes but is this a guarantee that we must hold the world hostage to.  Unless you are always intending to be a spoiled brat to everyone or a pouting baby you really need to deal with this expectation. Often the reality of the situation in which you find yourself will not accommodate such desires as you have in your mind.  Remember your mind is your mind and not the world you live in.  Yes dream but make sure to give room and time to letting the two come together in the ways they can realistically merge. Be patient with what you want so that there can be room for what someone else wants.  It just might be you who's wanting and needing someone else to be patient with you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tempt me....... : )

Sweet temptation.  I have a seriously sweet tooth the kind that has me at "hello".  I'm learning to let my money work for me and not the other way around. This means curbing my temptation splurges.  In my case they're all sugar based.
What's got you so tempted it dents your cash- aka-guilty pleasure.  Guilty pleasures usually come with justifying excuses.  They aren't called guilty pleasures just cause.  The tempting allure and the promise of a temporary satisfaction which keeps beckoning to you till you give in to it.  This would be fine if even you didn't know it was a problem.  Why, ask yourself, do you hold back or feel guilty when you say yes to such tempting treats?  The answer you usually find reminds you that you are struggling with control over this aspect of life. No one wants to be a control freak but lets face it neither do we want to be controlled.  My father always say, 'too much of anthing in bad for you'.  He even took it further to explain that too much or too little is also problematic  but just enough or the right amount, 'do all things in moderation'.  So find the happy medium in your pleasure. Make sure your pleasure is first and foremost a healthy dose of fleeting pleasure which doesn't ultimately deprive you of true and lasting pleasures.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Treat me with___________________________

The old adage goes, 'treat others the way you want to be treated'.    Can't stand a co-worker, family member, or someone you used to feel close to there is always a better solution to the situation than treating them like dirt. The truest thing in all this is that being treated badly only leaves a bad taste for all involved.  You're irritated and they're agitated all which won't lead to a happy ever after or resolution.  The reason movies more commonly end with resolved endings (A.K.A. Happy Endings) is it's the preferred option.  Knowing this also reminds us that there is no fun in hating or disliking people in fact it's more often taxing (takes up way too much time and energy).  So how do you resolve what probably took years, months, weeks, or even days to build to what it became.  As addicts of quick fixes let me assure you that the quick fix is not permanent but the long road is.  After all it took time to get where you are now expect that it will take some more time and effort to leave either worse off or better off. The ultimate choice of how ones life stays or becomes is whose? Yours of course! You chose to forgive, eat your words, not be irritated, view things differently, not let it be all about you, you can change you and you alone.  Never get too busy motivating, convincing, manipulating, wishing, insinuating, envisioning, hoping, wanting, intending for someone else to change, be different, act differently, understand, or be understanding. Instead use your energy wisely, use it on you.  Learn what it is about this person that you really have a problem with and why. Then take a mirror to yourself.  Realize what part you play in all of this (If you can't admit your fault honestly don't bother yourself , just keep hating them and the situation.). Then attempt to make a change cause obviously one is needed and since you are the only being you have full control of, make your change count for something.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The thing with wishing is what happens when the wish comes true.  The thing is it's the greatest thing to want something but are you also preparing for the actuality of getting what you want.  A dream is only that if you don't get it into your system, mind, and way of thinking as well as doing.  If you want something prepare for it get everything ready for the realization of your wish, cause dreams and wishes do come true.  Would you want your wish to come true and not even be able to enjoy it cause it became an awkward thing that was actually happening   Something you were excited about but still couldn't enjoy cause it made you anxious just thinking about the realization of it. Prepare for your wishes so they do come true smoothly and cause if you thought them up then they should be.  If a wish is really worth wishing for then be prepared for it.Miete's-Tears-of-Joy(facebook)