Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Walk, pull, walk, adjust, repeat

You get to a certain age where certain things are not cute anymore. When age becomes visible wisdom.( Please note, just as common sense isn't common, nor is this.)

What I'm referring to is when a woman outgrows certain types of clothing and physical expressions of self. A great example of this is clothes that need constant adjustment because the woman wearing it feels she might accidentally expose too much. Then there's the phase where everything should be tight, cause you just have to flaunt everything and some more; as if a man couldn't still see it when it's all covered up.

   'Trust me they know what you got naked or covered to the nines like a Nun, they know!'

I feel that eventually a woman knows what's a waste of time and priorities change. Sex may sell but are you selling it?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Who is the real stubborn goat in this equation?

You can predict you, control you, and work on you but in others none of these are true often, frequently, or hardly ever. So what do you do when someone left fields you, totally hits you at an angle you never saw them coming from. What happens when you've tried everything to help them see that they need to change and still nothing has come of all your efforts.

You change!

You change because only you can change you. You can motivate, inspire, and be an example to others but in the end the only thing you ever really change is you. So don't give up but give in to who you will need to be to overcome this obstacle or to stop being bothered by someone else's inability to change.