Sunday, November 2, 2014

The follies of Childish money

You learn how to eat, to be respectful, and the basic how to's of life as a child. So then why shouldn't it be the same way for money. Why are parents so scared of teaching their children about money management and the uses of it as a child.

If you haven't noticed yet there is a direct correlation between poverty and the lack of understanding of how to use money. Money well spent and the spending of money are valuable childhood and not adulthood lessons. Yet too many parents leave the money lessons even they've learned for the world to teach their own children. Do you not want your children to succeed in life or even to at least have a handle on their finances?

 “Bend like the grass that you may not break”, says Nathan in Nectar in a Sieve, by Kamala Markandaya

The joy of a parent is that you should want for your children to be better than you. What better way than to keep them from repeating your financial mistakes than by teaching them right from your not to do financial playbook as a child. Right off the bat. Cause guess what becomes not just a habit but a way of life, the things you learned to do as a child. They in some cases become automatic, things you can't avoid doing or feel strange stopping, traditions.

I know you have financial behaviors you wished you displayed as a child or that your parents encouraged you to do as a child. Why not teach or do for your own kids these things.

If you want some of the resources I've found or suggestions comment or inbox me. I never mind helping, cause someone helps me when I need help, exactly what I hope you will do for your children.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Get connected cause it might just save your life.

It's one thing to know a bunch of people, but its something entirely different to stay connected. Actually knowing what's going on in their lives and contributing to making a difference. A community is something to be held, but a connected and supportively vibrant community full of connections and positive continuous interactions is awesome (priceless). 
I'm coming to see that there are two prominent factors to this. The first being, not knowing where to being and the latter being not thinking that your input or attempts to reach out matter. We matter! Your voice, touch, and attempts to care matter. Don't let fear or rejection make you feel small or of no value. You are valuable as is your input on the lives of others. Don't get lost in you but get found in your relationships with others and your understanding of your unique value. Don't forget to be you. 
As for the beginning. All you need is to step, you've always known how. You probably just spent way too much mental time doubting that it was the right thing. Though if you ask me even if it's a wrong move a move is a move. Sometimes in wrong we find right but you have to first be willing to try.