Friday, August 24, 2012

Love like I'm not afraid to love.

'Love like I'm not afraid to love.' This was the dedication I wrote on a journal march 30th in 2006. As I read  it today all I could think was what exactly dose it mean to love like this and how to correctly practice this. I come from parents who divorced while I was still in grade school and  remarried separate people while I was in high school and college. Why do I state this, it's because it defined the idea that love can be fleeting for me. It also brought the notion of marrying the wrong person and the possibility of marriage being disastrous or devastating to ones life. These  ideas can truly cause one to shrink at the idea of marriage. Since then I've learned a lot as well as witnessed some truly real yet exquisitely beautiful marriages. Though I'm not yet married, I've come to appreciate the art of loving another human being-some of which came from having my son. Though lately I've been discovering how to love the people around you. I'm speaking not only of friends or close acquaintance but of mere strangers. I'm speaking of the human and very real ability of pure unadulterated selflessness. The ability to go above and beyond our own needs to place the needs of others first. To give even when you don't have the surplus to give. Dare to Love like you've never before.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love Sex.....hum!

I love Sex. Why am I saying this. Yes I know this will radically change my blog, it's purpose, and what people who know me and read this will think of me.  That's fine. I need to be brave cause he was being brave when he followed his gut and allowed himself to be brutally murdered for me. I by actual definition am  NOT A Sex addict but yes I do for all intents and purposes LOVE SEX. What did this mean for me. It meant that I would lose myself in others and I would lose who I saw myself to be since I was two. The problem was I thought I was the sum total of my enlarged over-sized inner lips(a sign of a high libido), my boobs, those sexy long legs, and that erotic neck I have. Forgive me for being graphic but the things is the real truth is graphic. It's not PG or for everyone but with it is true freedom. Today I know I am not the value of what a man thinks or sees me as. I am beautiful! Do you know this? Do you know not to let others define you? Have you learned not to let how others see you become who you are? Only and God know the real you but it takes dealing with you and that takes real guts. I hope you have the guts!