Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh I screamed!

I screamed til I could scream no more and then I screamed some more.  I screamed even more for lack of an even better response.  Then I began to scream for good measure. Since the best cure for real terror combined with fear seemed to be none other than screaming.  I did just that I screamed some more.  What was the reason for all that screaming you ask?  It was simply my response to these roller coaster rides at Six Flags: Scream, the old wooden-last of it's kind, and Bizzaro.  Now two of the mentioned coasters are no joke coasters.  The first, Scream, is aptly named in that that is what you will do for the majority of the20 and a half floors of free falling at a speed of 55mph(89km/h) the ride takes you through.  After you so calmly climbed the height and were given ample time to sight see the surrounding landscape.  Bizzaro also rightly named for it's scream producing combination of drops of 221 feet(67.36meters) worth, climbs, and full turn overs at a sharp speed of 77mph(123km/h).  I learned that I can scream and scream some more.  No that's not all.  I know that more movies and Dr's are touting the idea of letting out your frustrations by screaming.  Though I have attempted this idea in the past with mere yelps, I'll refer to them as, they did produce some sort of relief.  I have to say that this new level of screaming came with a side effect I couldn't have predicted.   PEACE!  Yes after all that screaming it appears I screamed away the stress of my frustrations, angers, disappointments, and things I was nervous about.  Who knew screaming had perks.  Now I'm not saying go get screaming without a cause but just making an observation.  It appears that being willing to let go of one's self long enough to react completely can be beneficial.  I will however put a disclaimer-This statement dose not apply to all situations.  It dose however encourage that when frustrated, angry, or anxious seek a safe and healthy realease.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Awe struck list

The things that leave a mark are the ones that brought a bruise that lead to the mark. The things that end up on an awe struck list are things that amazed even you.  From time to time we jump hurdles or overcome struggles that even we have to look back and appreciate.  The Awe struck list is simply a metaphor for the beautiful stone you become after going through the struggles of life.  They are personal moments where even you had to admit that you're made of stronger stuff than you think.  Struggles aren't always clean and clear cut nor are they always good or bad but if anything they are always a test to one's character.  They shape mold and smooth out the rough edges till you become that smooth rock much like the ones found at the water's edge.  There you'll also find jagged edged rocks still going through the process.  Some rocks smooth faster than others and some dissolve into nothing.  Don't judge your awe struck list based on other peoples criteria or lives. For we are all pieces of a puzzle fitting together to make the whole picture.  Remember if your piece looked like another then there would be a space missing a piece and a unnecessary piece without a space. Let your list scream you and the reality of your awesome moments.  There is no harm in enjoying or marveling at what others have accomplished but you should remember that they are but examples of what you can do in your way in your situation in your life and most importantly in your ability to be you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Livid!!!

Family! In writing this piece I've deleted it twice now. Why? Simply that this is a positive forum.  I love my family but I know that people will be people.  I also understand the value and importance of forgiveness.  Something I took to a whole new level this past week.  To forgive people who share the same gene pool or are just near and dear to you proves that you are strong.  With such strength we are better able to understand the simple beauty of life. Being free of the weights we carry unnecessarily.

I wrote the wrong things, they needed deleting, and I simply erased them.  Words and actions unfortunately don't have a delete button but since we are not perfect we have to give each other that flexibility. That flexibility is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is deleting that wrong done to you so that your piece or movement can run or read smoothly.  It's the grease that makes the engine of our lives run smoothly.

If you still struggle with the idea of letting go of the wrong try this; holding dead weight gets heavy. We carry enough emotional dead weight to not have enough room to hold others in addition to ours. Don't see it as dead weight, then know that there is this thought that irritates you and steals your joy when it peeps it's ugly head. Know that you are the enabler of the thief and the accomplice gets charges in a court of law-lol.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't touch me!

I've been touched so much you don't know who touched my arm last.  So many finger prints they've become a new original one.  It's not like I can just wash it all off.  Cause the memories are still with me.  With time though I'm believing it will fade or I'll just get used to it.  Before I know it, it'll be my norm.  Then there will be nothing wrong with having so many people leave a mark on me.  Soon you might not even recognize me with these strange prints that have become their own original print.  I'll be different some how.  Affected by what they've left in my memory.  I might even think differently or talk differently.  My walk might even be different.  Who knows I might even have different memories, my own interpretation of the touch. We touch and are touched daily by people, make your touch count by leaving a positive impression.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stand Alone

For those of you who read the title and thought- why that's the best way.  Shame on you, FOR NO MAN IS AN ISLAND.  This world is full of all kinds of people with all kinds of notions.  If a nation needed to be founded  that did it's human best to give freedom to all kinds of people, then what right dose any man have to have power over any man.  Why do we not all have the right to freedom or at least respect.  I watched a movie recently called 'North' directed by Rob Reiner.  In it the main character's teacher wins a car for his essay on how to solve world peace.  His essay was four words long, it read: Humanity+ Dignity+ Compassion= Peace.  Don't be afraid to stand for what is right even if it means you stand alone.