Monday, July 28, 2014

Live the life that's there to be lived

'Oh, the places you'll go!'- Dr. Seuss
Where is your attention? Is it in the here and now or are you caught up dreaming of what life will be like when you have it the way you're envisioning it to be. As great as your vision for your life is, so is your life now. I'm saying that no matter the level of issues or problems you face or don't face, the here and now of life is just as spectacular as the future of life will be. Why? Because if you are waiting to live life, then know that you are wasting life. Cause what happens here and now is far more valuable and important than what will happen in this future you are putting your hope on. Enjoy now. I'm not saying forget about the vision or making things better for yourself, but as you are don't forget that your life is happening. So don't let it pass you by as you wait to live it. Start now and then continue in that future that you are seeing yourself live. For regrets are born off of missed opportunities. So why not live now, so you live better and not bitter.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Right Kind of Wrong.

So I watched this movie, 'The Right Kind of Wrong.'-it's on Netflix.
So as fun as this movie is to watch for someone like me who loved the real story in the back as much as the technology hard to miss forefront story.

My point of talking about this movie is the thing it sparked or more like brought to the forefront of my attention.

I recently got a second chance at something I so comfortably threw away but now know that I was short a few marbles in my younger years. So. I fell in love but wasn't expecting to and frankly found it a bit inconveniencing as it didn't fit into my best laid plans at the time. As any seasoned planner knows- 'Man Plans and God laughs'. So when I couldn't see how this great guy could fit into what I had planned, I made it clear to him. Despite his adamant requests for me to reconsider and for us to at least stay friends. I ended it one beautiful day by simply telling him, 'If you love something you have to let it go, and if it comes back then you know it's yours.' Who knew I would come back. He sure didn't, so much so, he even tried to move on.

No but what this movie did for me was help me put in perspective is, that there are wrong people for us. There just are. No matter how good they looked at the start. As the movie put it best, 'We are all wrong for someone...'

So know that we are right for someone.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hesitation is to me that moment that I pause. It's not the actual waiting second that either leads to procrastination or action. No, it's that clean unadulterated moment you come upon an idea. Way before you let the world or even you taint it. It's the purest most genuine moment of the idea. Even before you think of what the idea will cost you or it's value. It's the love at first sight actual sight moment. Could you just imagine the picture opportunities, if you could take a mental shot of the visual of what your mind was actually seeing in that hesitation moment. I just imagine this breathtaking awe inspiring view of greatness. Then the moment after is to me much like that moment when the last Israelite steps out of the Red Sea and the water begins to crash back in on itself. (-Please note this is all a mental play on image and mental magnitude.) For the mind is far more powerful than we give it credit. Take a moment the next time you have an idea to just savor the moment of purity that is the idea undisturbed, just before even you begin to hack at it. Why, because you'll find that you might just respect and appreciate the most simplest but valuable gift to man. The ability to birth a dream.