Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Say something, it's your child, your responsibility.

Talk to your child so your child doesn't hurt mine. There is a story in the Bible that refers to the first time Samuel hears God's voice. In this story, the first communication God has with Samuel is to tell him of the Justice he intends to exact on his caretaker. What is so odd about this justice? I think the one thing that grabs me the most in this story is that Eli the man who is about to receive this punishment, excepts it, and it's almost as if he knows it as fair justice. So what is the part that Eli plays that he will lose his name and his family will be wiped out for. Well when God makes it a point to have this first conversation with Samuel he says this

This is not a sermon or a religious post, I use this to point out something very real and true in this world that affects everyone no matter who you are so long as you have or care for children. It's simply this: This man Eli watched his children commit atrocity after atrocity and said and did nothing. Eli was a prominent man, a priest, a man whom people looked to, a pillar of society. Someone who kept the moral fiber of society, yet his own children were the vilest of men. They reeked havoc in every arena they saw fit and yet their own father, this pillar of society just merely acted as if his children were saints who did no wrong. You might ask what the big deal was with this. It was simple and is still simple til today; When you don't curb your children and you knowingly turn a blind eye to their behaviors you do a disservice not only to yourself but to the world. I am not blaming parents for their children's actions. Just pointing out that as parent's you shouldn't be silent or supportive of inappropriate behaviors your children display. Say something so your child doesn't hurt mine. Don't worry even I know that I must say something when I know that my child is in the wrong, even for the small things, cause it's small things that lead to big things not big to small. Thank you to the parents who say something, you are appreciated more than you will ever know. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Starving Artist, lol!

How do I know when I am doing a task that is something I love, is something I'm gifted to do, that makes me tick? I have found I accidentally starve myself and then when I realize I'm doing it, I continue to because I forget I am doing it. It appears that there are some very unique activities that just cause me to completely lose the desire and ability to stop doing them. At first, I assumed it might be due to the pleasure I get from the tasks. I have realized that the idea of pleasure so good one could not simply stop an activity is not the case in this instance; however positive the tasks might be. On a closer examination, a different idea emerged. I found I simply could not stop because I was motivated to continue, more like I was invigorated. It appears that for me, it was like getting a vitamin B shot or some serious kick of a Starbucks triple shot or even raw endorphins. The more I concentrated on the task the more energy I received which enabled me to continue. I suppose that the depleting sugar levels that my body was experiencing kicked up my endorphin levels, which resulted in the continued work, but slowly increasing hunger levels encouraged a sort of not enough energy for my brain to concentrate or hold thoughts long enough. This would ensure I would keep forgetting that I was hungry and just keep working. Lol, I watch a lot of Sherlock Holmes series, currently in love with Elementry right now. It seems I have even dissected how I will help to solve the mystery of what my future business will look like by seeing what activities cause me to accidentally starve myself. As a writer, I'm not always sure what my work will look like when it's finished. Though I look back on this page and even though it seems quite odd I realize that I am a natural born artist and like many predecessors before me I appear to have the madness. Well, at least, I don't do drugs to be productive. I guess as long as I do what I love I will be skinny for life, lol. Find your passion, it's worth it, trust me!