Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Are you being Lead to slaughter?

I'm in a panic! I keep thinking I'm so not going to make it.

Why not? Well I have a broken support system. I've been trusting people who clearly have issues of their own that even I see solutions to.

" If you can't see that I have it together in the ways you want it together and my faults aren't faults that are warranted, then why do you trust me?"
Sometimes we are simply lost and in a flux so much so that people whom we'd never trust to hold our hands through a storm get to.
All I'm saying is don't get caught up in the thoughts that become your reality in the mist of fear and anxiety. Cause the choices one makes during those crucial moments often determine your success rate.

         Imagine a calm and peaceful sea                 
Calm waters


Choppy Waters
 Anxiety and fear can never be the peaceful sea. So if you want peace of mind. Start my calming down long enough to step out of your situation and to realistically look at it from a far. Kind of like google earth.(A satellite view of the world that can be zoomed in or out). When you finish telling yourself the truth of your situation do yourself a favor and don't judge yourself.  Just figure out step one. Cause there will be more steps after that. If your still busy shaming and blaming you'll probably never make it to your first step before you fall back into the anxiety and fear that are eager to welcome you back.

Also the blame game is just that a game. So don't waste your time with it cause guess what you can't do if you're busy playing it. Yep you guessed it, take a step.


It's not an excuse to give up or stop trying.

So I hope you don't make friends with Fear or Anxiety cause they sure aren't worth your while.