Friday, May 30, 2014

There's no running from heart breaks.

If you live in this world long enough. Someone is bound to break your heart. Step on it or just flat out disappoint you. At which point you will without fail experience pain. The kind of pain that, even though it had nothing to do with you hurting any part of your body, you'll ache physically. Running from the pain or attempts to avoid feeling the full force should be cautioned against. Pain has a place and purpose in everyones life. Having pain of an emotional nature should never be something you fear. It should be something you embrace.

'I haven't gone mad!' 

I've learned that positive things can emerge from what can be considered a negative. Plus if you don't let yourself get a chance to feel, realize, and get over the pain it will be there still. It might not be visible to others but it won't heal. A wound only heals with time and care.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Imagine it... me the creme de la creme.

I'm crying on the inside. I think it might just spill to the outside soon enough. I can't take it anymore.

There is nothing wrong with who I am. I'm a beautiful woman who has realistic goals and a bright future. If I can stay focused on me and my child. If the dream to not be alone doesn't drive me nuts then another form of distraction usually with two legs will.

 It should not be a crime that I want to meet someone who isn't intimidated by me. Someone who doesn't want to change me. Someone who isn't afraid of relationships due to baggage. Someone who isn't going to freak out along the way. Someone who isn't in an awkward situation already.

And no! I want it to happen naturally. I also want him to be honest and open minded. I don't want to be lied to. I don't want to dictate I just want to be compatible. I do want however to be the focal point. The creme de la creme. I want to be the cherry on top. Sought after for not just the appeal but for the value I bring to things. Shouldn't life be so sweet.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The sacrifices that impact many.

The things we give up so that others might have life. It is the plight of man and more and more so for women in this modern world. The idea of giving up something or changing course so that someone else can do have or achieve while you patiently wait to do or just sit by and support can be painful. Though what most people never fully grasp is how much more meaningful and important that act can be, than the many options they pictured. Sacrifice is an act of love that can cost anything as simple as lost time and then as total as your life. The greatest one I can describe would be the idea that Jesus gave his life for the sake of individuals. While that idea is the extreme of sacrifice. There is the more relatable example of the stay at home mom, or the mom who forgoes sleep to care for a child. Now the sacrifices the mother makes are often thought of as requirements of motherhood in reality it's a conscious choice that a woman makes. The cost of putting yourself after someone elses needs is well rewarded when in the end they get somewhere even you can be proud of. 

In the book, The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change, Adam Braun points out the moment he gets to help his grandma see just one of the ways that her sacrifices to stay alive in Auschwitz and later her choices as a mother and now grandmother have payed off. It is beautiful to see one's impact on the life of one and how it later influences other peoples lives. It just further proves that sacrifice for others has a reward far greater than one can ever imagine.

So be a stay at home mother or a friend who just gets that your life, time, and efforts are worthwhile when used for someone else even when you could be doing you instead. So on those mundane moments when you pause and think, 'This isn't even for me, why am I bothering myself like this". Just keep in mind the life you are changing or helping and know that they will touch and affect many, just by your one or many acts to help out and being there.
If no one has told you already, 'Keep up the good work.'

Monday, May 12, 2014

My values or glitter which one rules the day?

"All that glitters is not Gold"- William Shakespeare 

What has your attention and isn't letting go?

 When you are caught by an idea that plagues or has you in its innermost depths it isn't a guarantee that you will succeed. The only guarantee is that something caught your attention. If you find that it should keep your attention then you have to do the work. 

Don't forget to ask yourself what your true motivation is. Is it the vision of all the comfort and material possession that will come when you pursue this idea.Then again I could be wrong and you haven't had your attention stolen by glitter and are on a real life path that will bring you tons of inconvenient moments, agony, ostracization at truly incredulous lengths, regrets you couldn't have imagined, but ultimately will give you that unshakable feeling that you have truly made the world a better place for someones(even if in the beginning that someone is just you).

Having the right motivation isn't a guarantee that you will succeed. Nothing in life is guaranteed. The only thing you control is how you view something, what you attempt to do about it, and how you receive the things that happen. Your values will play a part but in the end you'll really know what your sell out price is or just how willing you are to stand for what you believe.

No matter what you read or are the end it will be you and what you chose that will matter. Glitter or Gold?