Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So not done!

I'm just battered beaten and browsed. I'm at one of those life check points when you ask yourself do I need to endure or is this the bailing point. When you start thinking is this ship sinking or are these rough seas. Since   I'm not officially or even unofficially God, I don't know what's next at least for sure. No 100% here. I do know that not making a decision is still a decision. It would also suck to go down with a sinking ship cause I was unable to decide. To me the indecision would be a bigger travesty than actually sinking with the ship. Though in the Titanic's version of this sinking ship I have to admit that music was beautiful and made the idea of sinking with a ship to be both beautiful and honorable. Though I doubt this is often the case. I have however learned not to quit what you love even if it's not working but maybe reassess how you are applying yourself. Decisions, decisions, decisions right or wrong in the end you tried and that's all that matters. An A+ for effort.