Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you feel the pinch?

Life is design to test just what you are made of. Why spend time complaining when you know and expect the idea that life is a test. In school we learn how to take tests and why we take test. If you don't remember why we take test or just missed that lesson in school or just need a reminder, I'll full you in. We take tests to know where we are on the learning process and to see what we can handle. So life simply put, tests are a measure of what you can handle, what you've learned, and how you learn. So what happens after you take a test in school? Do they just throw out the test when you're done and pretend nothing just happened. NO! They take the test and assess how well you did. Do they stop there, NO! They not just compare it to what you've been doing they use it to measure what you can do-your future potential. So what's this saying? Mildly put-what you've done in a test and previous tests gives you an idea of what you're going to accomplish in life. Now please note that though this can change it will only change after the one being tested sees that they are under performing (once again proof as to why life need be a test-how else would you know if you were meeting your potential) and adjusts themselves, better prepares, or makes significant changes in lieu of reaching a higher goal. Here's where the free ride I just gave you ends and you get to ask yourself am I comfortable with my test results and does it seem like I'm going to end up where I want to. Please remember that the only change that is permanent is one that left your mind and became action that continued in a definite (outwardly confirmed either in writing or by entrusting others to hold you to this plan, change, idea.) plan you follow through despite numerous (or none at all) failures and circumstances.