Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The idea of being without motion. Though some things that actually appear motionless to the naked eye are not when viewed with an instrument. What exactly am I saying. I'm speaking of moments in the middle of a project that seem or just plain feel motionless. Projects at start can often appear motionless or just after your personal excitement for the project takes a hit or wears out. Either way. Even though an object is in constant motion it's not necessarily going to keep the same speed or movement pattern. Just cause something seems motionless doesn't mean it's dead. Someone in a comma is not necessarily dead. There are different states of even a comma. Ponder this. There are medical signs used to judge the difference between someone who is alive in a comma and someone who is dead. Though keep in mind people that a team of Dr's wrote off as for sure dead have not only woken from commas but come out completely in tact. What am I saying? A business, life, and project are as successful as you are willing to want, believe and desire them to be. Though remember that even though a Dr's ability to predict the outcome of a comma is correct the majority of the time it's not a hundred percent. Make sure or at least consider a check list for when death is certain and then create a clause that allows for what conditions you will go the extra mile for. Happy motion sensing!