Friday, May 20, 2011

People...need...who else but people.

We have the ability to let others in.  Why should we want to in this day and age of individualism.  I know I'm one of those who is all about I want it my way or I can do bad all by myself.  Have you mastered the art of the realistic fake smile.  Do we even remember Whitney Huston's well belted "Don't want to be...All by myself!"  No  man or woman is an Island unto his or her self.  I don't think any of us could run a whole grocery store solo or live everyday without the need for others. Think about it having someone to share help out or even tell the truth to can be a good feeling.  The thing is these days we often wait till we are boiling over to say something.  Catch your feelings while they are small before they grow into a monster that even you don't recognize or have the ability to control.  We all need someone looking over our shoulders not just supportively but correcting when we are wrong.  Let's face it we don't have all the answers, no one dose, but two heads are always better than one.  Be open to letting people in.  Though don't forget that just as you have secrets and things that keep you from perfection so do they.  Be willing to understand and if you can't don't judge for you wouldn't want to be judged.  Not everyone is a permanent fixtures in your life and should be given the ability to fly the coup.  Sometimes you might even need to kick some people out. Though just like an apartment building needs will picked tenants so will you need well picked people around you. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rummaging or digging for gold.

When we refer to someone rummaging or digging for gold we most likely have a negative image associated with this kind of thought.  I find that in life we sometimes are digging for gold or rummaging through our affairs.  When something in your life needs ending but you would rather dig, rummage, or footsie around to avoid the truth of the matter which usually is dealing with the reality of the situation.  Many people are very realistic with their day to day life while some are not but every person not matter how good or bad with realism fails to be realistic in all situations.  The question which should follow when ever one discovers that they are merely avoiding dealing should be, Why?  The root to stopping a digging or gold finding expedition is knowing why one even embarked on the task of digging or finding.  The sad part of most people is they lack the ability to be honest with themselves when they are the cause or problem in their situation.  No one wants to admit that they are the reason for their hang up.  So be your own super hero and save the day by dealing with something you've been avoiding.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Why worry?

We tend to spend a good deal of time on thinking and re-thinking our actions when the result is not the expected outcome.  Remember that the time to think is before you act and the only person you can control is yourself. So the outcome of a situation is only partly on you. This means there will always be elements you can't control. Yes it is human nature to want control over situations but let's remember the truth or reality is we don't have access to all the keys and even if we did the control would still create limits. The true enjoyment of life should come when we do our best and give others a chance to do the same. Remembering that just as you get to decide just what and how you do so do others.  Even those involved, connected, or attached to you by circumstance, choice, or situation get to choose.  When we get caught trying to control others to control a situation we act selfishly and in selfishness the person who is guaranteed hurt is always the selfish person. Taking matters into your own hands is just another way of saying you are attempting to control others or simply put you are choosing to be selfish.  So prior to action decide to not be selfish, controlling, and willing to let others have the freedom you have to decide their parts on their own.  You will not need to worry or stress over your actions later cause you will know you didn't act selfishly.