Thursday, April 24, 2014

Twenty questions.

Why do you get a say? What gives you the right to do and undo? What's so wrong with just letting me have it my way all the time or at least most of the time? Why can't I be emotionally cold when it suits me? What's your real concern with my inability to connect with you on a emotional level when we discuss? Why do you get so easily upset? What have I done that put you over the edge this time? Why did such a small thing blow up so big? Why should it bother you so much that I have an opinion and I need you to at least hear me out? Why do you assume I'm out to control you? What's wrong with me expressing an issue I have? Why can't we at least try it my way? What is so important about this thing that you can't even hear reason? What's the big deal? How else can one get their point along if they don't talk? When did it become a crime to talk out a problem? Why did this have to be a battle of who's on top? Why does it matter that you prove you are the man in every little thing? What do you gain from this? Why can't you just hear me out and try my way of doing things just this once?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm not Better Than.

There's this understanding I have that keeps me from despair. It's a very simple understanding but oh, does it humble me.

 'At any given time there is always someone doing better than me and someone far worse off than me.'

I think it takes off the big head syndrome. Big head- when someone is full of themselves, thinks overly highly of themselves due to their achievements.

It helps to know that your circumstance or situation is not unique. It always feels better to know you're not alone in any situation. Why? Cause what's better than knowing other people have made the same mistake and you're not the first.